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A Poet, by the trademarked name of MuthaWildFlower™, registered with ASCAP. Published Author to "T.I.M.E. - (The Inner Mind of Enid)".  Enid has a Bachelor's degree in Sociology from The City University of New York, a NYS Licensed Nail Technician and NYS Licensed Barber Apprentice.  She and her husband own "Master Blends Corp. Barbershop" in The Bronx. Her faith is in Jesus Christ of Nazareth, believing in The Father, The Son & The Holy Spirit. She is of Puerto Rican descent, who was born, raised, has reared three daughters along with husband, and is residing within The Bronx, New York.  Music has been an essential part of her upbringing and life, stemming from Grandpa's opera singing while cooking, uncle's constant Latin percussion jam battles and sessions on their bongos, claves, congas, guiro, maracas, tambourines, and timbales.  Instruments have been vital in her home forming life.  The instruments she has played were the xylophone, snare drum and tambourine.  Throughout her years many genres played in the home from Jazz, Latin Jazz, Motown, Rhythm & Blues, Opera, Disco and Salsa.  Listening to Placiedo Domingo, Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, Eddie Palmieri, Ray Barretto, Mango Santamaria and various other artists.  As well as, Gospel and Praise music resonated throughout the home.  Then the introduction of Hip Hop and to be able to witness the birth of the Hip Hop era aroused and intrigued her interest and begun the passion with word play from the lyrics through its melodic poetry flow.  Since young, poetry writing and reading literature were of interest.  Beginning from love letters, keeping pen-pal like letters with her biological father, friendship letters, and retirement party speeches.

She has presented for Nuyorican's Poets Cafe, The Poetry Society of New York, Barnes & Nobles, as well as other venues. Attended Alan Roy Scott's Songwriter Retreat and The SXSW 2017 "Neverland" Songwriting & Music Business Workshop. "T.I.M.E. - (The Inner Mind of Enid)" first publication was for The Bronx Community College's 2015 Annual Literacy Journal "Thesis".    



August 2019, "T.I.M.E. - (The Inner Mind of Enid)" Poetry Book was released by Dorrance Publishing Co.  



"The author uses poetic verse in this manuscript to write about love, family, loneliness, self-reflection, and the search for meaning in life. The collection opens with the titular poem. In this poem, Ms. Hernandez-Torres waxes philosophically about coming to the realization that we are all living on borrowed time. “Mannn Listenn” is a poem about learning how to feel emotions and not let them dictate your actions by dwelling on them. “Reflections” and “Intertwining” show how discrimination and segregation affect the community. This work may appeal to readers who enjoy thought-provoking poetry." 

By David Zeolla

President at Dorrance Publishing Co.

AVAILABLE at AMAZON, BARNES & NOBLES, DORRANCE PUBLISHING CO., Fishpond, Good Reads, KoKo Books, Pinterest, Walmart, Ebay, Depop, and other various sites.

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